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Some saucy tips on how to set the mood.

Author: Rachel

We love getting in the mood and we thought we would discuss some saucy tips to help you set the mood! We all enjoy a bit of naughty spur of the moment fun but sometimes a little preparation really turns up the temperature! Whether you intend to have sex in the bedroom, the living room floor or the kitchen table, preparing the room in advance can enhance the experience. Here are our top tips for setting the mood.

Warm and quiet

Make sure you have put the heating on so it will be warm enough to roll around with no clothes on. Unplug the phone and lock the door to make sure you will not be disturbed.

The look Make sure you tidy anything distracting away like the ironing or the washing up! Maybe invest in a satin throw; this will help create the mood whenever and wherever.
Love sounds What do you want to hear while you're getting a little saucy? What mood do you want to create? For a lively session try something energetic and pumping or for deep, slow sex try something a little more relaxing and ambient. Make sure you avoid distracting lyrics and that you are still able to hear your partner.
The smell Scent is a good way to create atmosphere. You could burn incense or light scented candles. Make sure you try them out before hand because some can be really overpowering and you don't want any excuses for a headache!
Setting the mood it a great way to spice up your love life! But don't forget there is always a time and a place - remember variation is the key to a great sex life!

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