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Sometimes we all need to relight the fire in the bedroom, here are some tips to get you back on track.

Author: Tom Gaffney

We all love sex and love nothing more than to feel the heat and excitement in the bedroom. Sometimes things can get a little quiet between the sheets. This can happen in all sorts of relationships. Here are some helpful tips to have you back on track in no time!

Is there a problem?

Having a mismatched sex drive with your partner is very common, more so the further along you are in the relationship. The average married couple only have sex once every two weeks; many of them do feel fulfilled! If you feel satisfied with the amount of sexual activity you have then you are happy with your sex, if you feel frustrated then it's time to look at the problem and see what you can do about it! Talk about it, maybe you can come up with an easy solution like more oral sex and stimulation for the partner needing more.

Zzzzz... Feeling tired? Your levels of sexual desire can be affected by how tired you feel. Been working too hard? Hitting the gym a little too much? Lack of stamina can cause a drop in your libido. Instead of rushing like mad from the office to hit the gym on time, try replacing your iron pumping session with another kind of pumping... sexual activity is also a great way to work out! We are sure you will enjoy it more!
Stranger? When you first get together with someone, you know little about them and you make a big effort to keep yourself well kempt to keep them interested. It all delves slightly into the fantasy realm; you are thinking positive thoughts and loving the thrill. Why not get that thrill back? Tell each other what will make you more attractive to each other; remind each other of what you like to do in between the sheets. Revive what turns you on.
Feeling stressed? For most people a bad day at the office is a total passion killer! But a good sex session is the best thing to de-stress yourself with. You may not feel like having sex if you are feeling anxious and wound up, but it is the best thing you could possibly do. Having sex clears the mind and could help you think clearly about your problems.
Is the scene sexy? Having the TV on in the background, listening to sport and news, the phone ringing, lights blaring out - it's not the perfect scene to fuel erotica! Sometimes we lead such busy lives we do not have time to relax and get away from everyday stress. Going to bed at night becomes just another chore to be done! Dim the lights, play soothing music, make your surroundings sexy and relaxing. Try and break the routine, spontaneity can always spark passion!
These pointers should have you raring to go in no time! Step back from the situation and see what you can change to get that fire burning again.

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